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Message From President

Dear esteemed stakeholders and cricket fans, 



It is my privilege and honor as the President of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) to welcome you all in our official web page.


My strong aspiration to serve cricket in Nepal for the betterment of the same made me announce my desire to lead Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) more than one and half year ago. Since then, we have been trying our level best for the development of game. We have achieved commendable results even in adverse circumstances. Still, I know; there are lot more things to be done, lot more things to be achieved, long long way to go and I strongly believe; together we can; together we will.


In order to develop the game of cricket in our motherland, we need a strong foundation. The foundation of honesty, courage and willingness; on which we can build our dream around! I have a dream, like most of you have, that Nepal will one day stand tall in the world of international cricket. In 2010 Dec, I got an opportunity to be in driving seat, to drive everyone concerned towards the wonderful journey of bringing our dreams to reality. I know it will be difficult and challenging but like I already stated; together we can; together we will. 


Change is small word but that conceals too many things. And Change is the need of the hour. The change in thinking process; change in the approach; change in the working process and the change in the evaluation process is what cricket in Nepal demands these days. Without these change there will be no development, no betterment and no professionalization in Nepali cricket. Hence, Cricket association of Nepal (CAN) strives to strengthen its all plans/policies/activities/ so that we can protect, develop and upgrade our cricket.


My effort has been continuously focused in developing Nepali cricket from every aspect. We are putting efforts in drafting 10 years master plan for cricket development in Nepal. We have recently started our another important project National Cricket Academy (NCA) which will, I believe, be instrumental in producing strong bench strength in coming days.  The passion, dedication and hard work our players possess are highly commendable. I like to express my gratitude towards all the players, coaches and management team for their progress and unprecedented success in recent time. I believe, player’s training, facilities and further development programs are of utmost importance for further progresses and successes, and during my tenure; I shall never compromise on it.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders of Nepalese cricket for their trust in me. And at the end; I must thank to all national and international associations, Advisors, Board Members, Management and Staff, Sponsors, Supporters, Players, Media persons and others who are contributing and supporting Nepali cricket directly or indirectly.


The Future is Cricket.


Tanka Angbuhang (Limbu) President Cricket Association of Nepal
Total Score
Nepal Vs Afganisthan

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Comming Soon
  • ACC U-19 Elite Cup

    Nepal became Runner-Up in ACC U-19 Elite Cup in 2011
  • ACC Emerging Teams Cup

    Afghanistan v Nepal at Singapore - Aug 17, 2022
    Afghanistan won by 3 runs (D/L method)

    Singapore v Bdesh U23s at Singapore - Aug 17, 2022
    Bdesh U23s won by 8 wickets (with 140 balls remaining)

  • Emerging Cup

    Bangladesh Vs Singapore on 17th August at KALLANG CRICKET GROUND
  • Emerging Cup

    Afganisthan Vs Nepal on 17th August at SINGAPORE CRICKET CLUB
  • Emerging Cup

    India Vs Pakisthan on 18th August at KALLANG CRICKET GROUND
  • Emerging Cup

    Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh on 18th August at SINGAPORE CRICKET CLUB
  • Emerging Cup

    Singapore Vs UAE on 19th August KALLANG at CRICKET GROUND
  • Emerging Cup

    Pakistan Vs Afganisthan on 19th August at SINGAPORE CRICKET CLUB
  • ACC Emerging Teams Cup Statistics

    Points Table
    Country M W L D N/R P NRR
    Grp A              
    Afg 1 1 0 0 0 2 +0.065
    Nep 1 0 1 0 0 0 -0.065
    Grp B              
    Bdesh-U23 1 1 0 0 0 2 +2.155
    Singapore 1 0 1 0 0 0 -2.155