The credit of introducing the game of Cricket in Nepal goes to the members of Rana rulers who ruled the country for 104 years (1847-1951 A.D.). In the beginning of last century some of the members of the Rana clan who studied in England and India brought the game in the Kingdom of Nepal and started to practice and play in the palaces and big grounds of Kathmandu.
CRICKET ASSOCIATION OF NEPAL (CAN) was established in 1946 A.D. / 2003 B.S. with the objective of promoting the game of CRICKET in Nepal. In the beginning its activities was limited to Kathmandu only, where it organized various tournaments, such as Madan Memorial, Bishnu Trophy, Rammuni Trophy and Jugal Kishore Trophy in the 'A' and 'B' divisions. with increse of popularity of the game CAN's activities also saw a dramatic rise as it started organising National Level Tournaments and also invited teams from abroad and sent teams to take part in overseas tournament and friendly matches. Some of the major teams that visited Nepal and some foreign tours undertaken by our teams are also summarized below.
Name of some foreign teams that have visited Nepal : Motihari Cricket XI - India, Young Men Cricket Team (Calcutta) - India, Central Secretariat Team (Delhi) - India, Royal Bangkok Sports Club's team - Thailand, South Eastern Railways (Calcutta) - India, Kiwi Eleven - New Zealand, Gray Kangaroo - Australia, Muslim Commercial Bank - Pakistan, RACC - Pakistan- Hyderabad Journalist Cricket - India, Malviya Cricket Team (Delhi) India, Men & Women's Soft Tennis Cricket Team - India, Dhaka Club - Bangladesh, Chittagaon Club - Bangladesh, Balochistan Cricket Academy - Pakistan. Various clubs from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal took part in Subarna BP Memorial Cricket Tournament held in Birgunj, Nepal.

Foreign Visit of Nepalese Cricket Team : Nepalese Cricket Team have visited Thailand for taking part in friendly matches and also in six-a-side cricket tournament hosted by Royal Bangkok Sports Club. We have visited Bangladesh and played club level friendly matches. We have visited Delhi at the invitation of IRCON International and played friendly matches with the club teams of Delhi. A school level team has visited Patna to take part in Pataliputra Rusimodi Interschool Tournament. CAN have participated in various tournaments organized by ACC and ICC. Like U-17 Asia Cup, U-19 Asia Cup, Pepsi ACC Trophy and ICC Trophy.

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