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Helping hands of Cricket Association of Thailand

30 Oct 2022

Cricket Association of Thailand held a fund raising cricket sixes and managed to collect 3000 USD from Bangkok to support the relief work of CAN after massive earthquake. The Phuket Cricketers have also chipped in. After devastating earthquake, Cricket Association of Nepal has appealed international cricket community to support Nepal under “Bat for Nepal” initiative. 

“Our hearts are with the people of Nepal and we pray that normal life returns to this wonderful country very soon,” says CEO, Kader Mohideen, Cricket Association of Thailand. Kader added, “We hope that our contribution helps in CAN’s efforts to rebuild the cricket facilities in Nepal.” 

“We are deeply thankful to international cricket board and their continued support and initiatives during our hard times and it is one of the great spirits of cricketing world, we will utilize the funds from Cricket Association of Thailand in rebuilding our infrastructure” says Bhawana Ghimire, CEO of CAN.