U-19 World Cup, New Zealand

After qualifying as "Asian Qualifier" Nepal appeared for second time in U-19 World Cup. It was held at New Zealand from 16th January to 8th February 2002. According to ICC seeding there were four groups Nepal was in Group 'D' along with England, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea.

In round robin Nepal won the matches against Pakistan and PNG and lost to England. Nepal couldn't qualify for the Super League and had to compete for Plate Championship. In Plate Championship league matches Nepal won all three matches against Canada, Scotland and Namibia. Nepal won the thrilling match against Bangladesh in the semi-final to meet Zimbabwe in the final. Nepal had to satisfy as runners-up in the Plate Championship.

Plates Runners-up of the Tournament
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Youth Asia Cup, Nepal

Third Youth Asia Cup was held in Nepal starting from 11th October to 18th October 200 1. United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Qatar and Kuwait were in Group 'A' and Nepal, Singapore, Oman and Maldives were in Group 'B'.

Nepal won all the group matches against Singapore, Oman and Maldives in the first round and became the Group Leader. In the Cup Semi Finals Nepal defeated United Arab Emirates and moved to the Final. Nepal won the Final against Malaysia and once again qualified for the U-19 World Cup which is going to be held in New Zealand 2002.

Winner of the Tittle
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U-19 World Cup, Sri Lanka

By becoming the Runners Up in Youth Asia Cup 1999 in Singapore, Nepalese Team flew to Sri Lanka to participate in U-19 World Cup starting from 11th January to 29h January 2000. England, Zimbabwe, West Indies and Americas were in Group 'A', New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Holland were in Group 'B', South Africa, Pakistan, Kenya and Nepal were in Group 'C' and Australia, Sri Lanka, Ireland and Namibia were in Group 'D'.

Nepal's first match between South Africa, and second match between Pakistan was called off due to rain. Nepal won the Crucial match between Kenya and entered the Super League. In Super League Nepal lost against India, Sri Lanka, and England.

Youth Asia Cup, Singapore

Second Youth Asia Cup was held in Singapore starting from 5th July to 11th July 1999. Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates were in Group 'A' and Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Thailand were in Group 'B'.

Nepal's matches between Singapore and Papua New Guinea were drawn due to rain and Nepal became Group Leader by winning the matches against Thailand and having better run rate followed by Papua New Guinea. In the semi finals Nepal won the match against Malaysia and advanced to Final. Final was played between Bangladesh and Nepal. Bangladesh won the Final and Nepal became the Runners up.

Runners-up of the Tournament
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Youth Asia Cup, Hong Kong

Nepal U-19 Team participated in Youth Asia Cup held in Hong Kong starting from 30th November to 7th December 1997. In this Trophy Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand were in Group 'A' and Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Fiji were in Group 'B'.

In the first round Nepal won the matches against Malaysia and Thailand and lost to Bangladesh. Nepal became Group Second and advanced to second round. In second round Nepal lost both the matches against Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong. But the Team could advanced to Plate Finals. For the Plate Finals Nepal competed against Hong Kong and lost the Match. In this Trophy Nepal became the Plate Runners Up.

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